Gambella Democratic Movement (GDM) Press Release

NewsThe central committee of the Gambella Democratic Movement (GDM) has been conducting self-evaluations beginning the first week of the New Year (2014). The central     committee carefully looked into rules and regulations of the party’s standard operations procedures (SOP). Upon the revision of the rules, the party’s chairman, Okello Akway Ochalla has been found in violation of the rules and regulations of the GDM. Chairman Okello AKway Ochalla has been making deals and agreements with other parties without consulting with the central committee and he has been showing unwillingness to compromise and work with GDM’s central committee. In short, chairman Okello Akway Ochalla has abused the power that was given to him by the central committee.

Therefore, based on the above findings, GDM’s central committee has relieved Chairman Okello Akway Ochalla from all duties of the party effective January 18, 2014. From this day on, Okello Akway Ochalla is no longer the chairman of GDM.  He has no affiliation with both GDM’s political and military wings. All GDM’s business and political dealings are now to be directed to the Central Committee until a new chairperson is elected in the near future.

Long live GDM

GDM Central Committee