Respond to All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt)’s report on massacre of Majanger by TPLF/EPDRF

newsOjulu Odola, SYDNEY –  On the eve of Ethiopian New year when people are busy preparing themselves for New Year celebration, TPLF/EPDRF’S tyranny government carried out horrific and deadly attack to wipe out the indigenous Majanger tribe from their ancestral land to give way to TEPLF/EPDRF’s current and retirees Army Generals to plunder the natural wealth of indigenous Majanger People.

The news had terrified and upset not only the indigenous people of Gambella, but all Ethiopians who love their country because killing innocent indigenous people became a routine act of TPLF/EPDRF’s government. Many Ethiopian political parties, civic organizations and individuals had condemned the killing.

However, to my surprised All Ethiopian united Party (Kinijt) one of the famous opposition party which I have trusted is struggling to bring true democracy, justice, human right and nationalities equality has come up with outrageous report and an interview on VOA Amharic Service.

All Ethiopian United Part has watered down the killing of innocent indigenous and amplified the killing of Amhara tribe who were sojourned in the land of Majanger tribe for years peacefully. It alleged Majanger tribe as TPLF/EPDRF’s collaborators who had killed Amhara tribe who have been living together with Majanger tribe in Meti town. It sated that those who have died from Majanger tribe including Judge Ato Stagey Genzebu were killed accidently. The killing was mainly targeting Amhara tribe.

I found this report is bias and it’s based on one side testimony. It seems All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) went to Gambella for Amhara tribe only, but not for the victims of TPLF/EPDRF’s government. If All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) stands for the rights of all Ethiopians it wouldn’t be difficult for the reporter to come up with fair report. The facts on the ground are crystal clear and could be understood by any layman who has natural eyes and ears.

The reporter had reported that the cause of the killing was land grab by TPLF/EPDRF’s Army Generals. If this was the cause and true it was. Whose land was taken then? Was it Majanger or Amhara’s land? If it was both land that has been taken by TPLF/EPDRF’s Army Generals, both parties were in the same boat. They should have allied against TPLF/EPDRF’s Amy Generals and fought together to secure theirs land. I don’t see any issue that would made members of Amhara tribe to die alone without their Majanger brothers because both are the victims of land grabbers.

If All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt)’s report is accurate and genuine, the opposite is true. The members of Amhara tribe in Meti town have collaborated with TPLF/EPDRF’s Army Generals to grab Majangers’ land. As consequence, the members of Majanger tribe might have stood up against both to protect their land right.

If this was the case then, All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) has no point to condemn TPLF/EPDRF; condemning TPLF/EPDRF alone is unfair because both are the same face of a coin (land grabbers). I would concluded that there is no different between All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) and TPLF/EPDRF; both are supporter of the same policy.

Where does the reality lay?

Members of Amhara tribe had migrated from Amhara region some years ago and they were welcome by Majanger tribe who gave them a land to till in order to improve their livelihood. They lived together in peace and built up a good relationship between both tribes. They have accepted each other cultures and values. Majangers had taken some cultures and values from Amhara tribe in particular naming. Since 1960’s E.C, Majanger tribe around Yeki and Godere district have started naming their children after their fellows Amhara tribe. This was an indication of healthy co-existence among both tribes (something we are intending to destroy today with this bias report).

In the incident which took place on the eve of New Year, both tribes were killed by TPLF/EPDRF’s militaries. As we all knew federal military/police is a national unit that comprises of all tribes not only Majanger. The members of the squad that went out for killing that day might have come from Majanger as well as Amhara tribes. They are not representing Majanger nor Amhara tribe, but the tyranny government.

However, reporting the accident in a way that it’s affected or targeted Amhara tribe only is irrelevant. I do believe that All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) has done a poor job. Here are the mistakes made:

First, it did interview members of Amhara tribe only ignoring the Majangers tribe,

Secondly, the list of the names it found from authorities during its’ investigation didn’t contain the indigenous’ cultural names, but the Amhara tribe’s names.

Based on these fallacies, All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) concluded that the majority killed were Amhara tribe neglecting the Majangers who had been named after Amhara’s names.

For example, Judge Ato Stagey Genzebu the reporter had mentioned on VOA and Ato Beniam Bekele who had been interviewed on ESAT TV last Month and many more don’t have traditional Majanger name.

Therefore, All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt) as national party who is struggling for all Ethiopians rights should not engage in publishing or airing such divisive and discriminatory reports. It should differentiate facts from propaganda. Such fallacies does give TPLF/EPDRF’s government an opportunity to strengthen its’ cheap argument of Amhara’s chauvinism. Nobody would deny that TPLF/EPDRF’s government is a racist government who wants to disintegrate solidarity of Ethiopians’ nationalities.

We Gambellans we know the damage this government has caused to us. We want to focus on real enemy rather than fighting our brothers and sisters whom we are licking our wounds together with them.

I think all Ethiopians should have thanked Gambella’s indigenous people for their generosity and   love for their country and its’ people. No region in Ethiopia has welcome and accommodated other tribes from other regions and allowed them to live, work, invest as he/she wishes under this tyranny regime. Even we have granted them a right to kill indigenous people freely without being asked or subjected to the court of law as you can witnessed from this case or 23 December 2003.

I do condemn All Ethiopian United Party (Kinijt)’s report on Godere massacre and believe that such kind of reporting is reflecting the same view of TPLF/EPDRF’s Tyranny government. It won’t encourage the sprite of unity we want to prevail in Ethiopia.

We want united Ethiopia where people have equal right!

This piece is written by Ojulu Odola on behalf of Majanger tribe. For feedback or argument you can reach me at