Candidate to Lead the W.H.O. Accused of Covering Up Epidemics

By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr., New York Times
May 15, 2017

Tedros Adhanom
Tedros Adhanom’s accountability is not to Ethiopia; it is to TPLF, an organization that has vowed to throw Ethiopia into an ethnic bloodshed in the event it loses power. If Tedros is elected, there is no doubt Ethiopia is the loser because TPLF has its top cadre as chief of WHO, someone with substantial power to influence the outcome of other serious issues, like charges against the ruling party TPLF over human rights violations ranging from extra-judicial killings up to genocide.


A leading candidate to head the World Health Organization was accused this week of covering up three cholera epidemics in his home country, Ethiopia, when he was health minister — a charge that could seriously undermine his campaign to run the agency. Continue reading

First Case of Ebola In Ethiopia Reported

newsBy Hara Ethiopia – A disease that medical doctors believe is Ebola appears to be suspected in the Ethiopian capital. One west African origin diplomat has been admitted for flu like symptoms in Saint Yared General Hospital. Three more people have been also admitted to the black lion hospital, with a reported cases of bleeding and fever. Doctors in black lion hospital, speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the issue and afraid of reprisal action from government officials, are saying it is Ebola. The safety of the health staff and other patients still unknown. Continue reading

Texas Ebola patient dies

EBOLA_1.jpgCNN) — Thomas Eric Duncan, the man with Ebola who traveled to the United States from Liberia, died Wednesday morning at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the hospital said. He had been in critical condition after being diagnosed with the virus in mid-September. People who have had contact with him are being monitored for symptoms.

It has just been a little over a week since Duncan began receiving treatment for the virus, and those days have spelled an “enormous test of our health system,” said Dr. David Lakey, the commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services. Continue reading

Kenya bars travellers from Ebola-hit nations

newsBorders closed to travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in effort to contain deadly epidemic. Kenya is closing its borders to travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the three countries worst hit by the Ebola outbreak, the government has announced.

Kenya Airways also announced that it would suspend its flights to Freetown and Monrovia when the government travel ban on passengers comes into effect on Wednesday.
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Israel Wakes Up to Ariel Sharon as Former Prime Minister Nears Death

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the lighting of a Hanukkah candle at his Jerusalem office, on Dec. 27, 2005.

By Karl Vick – During the eight years that Ariel Sharon lay in a hospital bed, sustained by a feeding tube and turned at regular intervals to prevent bedsores, his great body shrank and his legacy slowly shifted. Both admired and reviled as Israel’s signature warrior during 58 of his first 72 years of life, Sharon in his coma has been more remembered for his only term as prime minister, five years marked first by restraint, then by actions both bold and unexpected, starting with the decision to pull Israeli troops and settlers out of the Gaza Strip in 2005. Continue reading