Ethiopia arrests intelligence officers

Jibat Tamirat

BBC Horn of Africa

Ethiopia has arrested more than 60 former security and intelligence officials for alleged human rights abuses and corruption.

The arrests came at the end of a five-month-long investigation, Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye said Monday.

He said some are still on the run.

Killings, beatings, repeated rape and disappearance of prisoners are some of the offences allegedly committed by the former security and intelligence officials against suspects held under anti-terrorism legislation, Mr Berhanu said.

The law has been strongly criticised as violating the rights of people, and an amendment is currently being drafted.

Thirty-six suspects were also arrested over the weekend in relation to these crimes.

Twenty-seven additional individuals from the military conglomerate, Metal and Engineering Corporation (Metec), are also in police custody for allegedly embezzling public funds for more than a decade.

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